Little minesweeper

Little minesweeper 1.2.0

You will help a little minesweeper to travel and to clear as many mines as possible.

An addictive puzzle minesweeper game with several worlds and various mines effects.



Great addictive puzzles game with attractive gameplay and awsome graphics. Each world contains several mines with varied and interesting powers (explosive mine, freezing mine, ticking mine, bubble mine,...)

In this minesweeper puzzles, you have several levels and it's a great challenge to find all the mines !

To clear a mine, simply touch and hold your finger on the tile that you think to be a mine. To win, you can also break all the other tiles, avoiding mines. Each land contains the explosive mine and a specific mine.

If you have an apple Watch, you can also play the minesweeper game on it!



Climb around the "Upside-down" world and visit the four lands:

- The jungle and greenery mines

- The icy world and freezing mines

- The pink world and the lost memory mines

- The dark world and ticking mines

Navigate underwater in several kingdom:

- The kingdom of the giant crab and bubble mines

- The sleeping octopus and baby octopus mines



Get each day reward of gold bars or power! You can also get free gold bars by watching a video. You can also get free gold bars watching a video.

At each achievement you do, you receive free gold bars (eg first level, 5th level, 3 straight victory ...)



During the game, with the gold bars, you can use helpers (at the bottom left of the game screen). These aids are really useful when you are stranded in the game. The aids are filled automatically when you pop free squares.

The first aid targets a free space and pop it. The second puts some magic powder on several free tiles that you can pop safely. The last and most powerful displays for a few seconds the location of all mines.



A tutorial is available in the game to help you to understand how to play and the first levels of the Upside-down world are easier.

Little minesweeper


Little minesweeper 1.2.0

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  • by Anonymous

    Excellent puzzle, keeps my brain busy and helps me to relax after long day. Graphic is very good. ...   More